Jun 16, 2011

Thursday's Top 10

Tonight I give you today's Top 10 Noteworthy Events:

10.  At 8:26 p.m., I found Betsy, Lexi's lovey (who had been missing since breakfast), on the backyard playground.  I felt like a hero.

9.  I finished folding and putting away Monday's laundry.

8.  Gavin pooped in two public places--the church parking lot and Wedgewood Park--because there were no bathroom facilities.  At the park, an elderly woman witnessed his deposit and came out of her apartment to talk to us about it.  Instead of lighting into Garry and me, she offered her bathroom for our children next time we need it.  Thank you for your help and compassion, Jeannine!

7.  I converted Lexi's crib into a day bed.  She is thrilled.

6.  Zachary's Cub Scout day camp concluded with a family program in the forest.  This week his day camp activities included hiking, fishing, rock climbing, building a toolbox, and making other cool crafts.

5.  Tyler participated in the 4x100 meter relay, the discus, and the 50 meter dash at a track meet, which concluded his track camp.

4.  I cleaned up the toy corner and vacuumed two upstairs bedrooms.

3.  Tyler played catcher and had two great hits at his baseball game.

2.  A neighbor mom chewed me out.  She's a saint, I'm the devil.  Her children are perfect and mine are beasts.  What's new?  At least I now have perfect clarity on how to proceed with our relationship.

And....drumroll please....

1.  Thanks to the new information that my fantastic pediatrician submitted, Kaiser overturned its decision to deny coverage for Gavin's occupational therapy.  The proper forms are [supposedly] faxed to the right people, so tomorrow I will make an appointment for his first therapy session.

God is good!

And I am tired.  It has been a l-o-n-g day.
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