Jun 5, 2011

The first thousand

Until recently, the door to our garage was papered with pictures of exotic animals.  Since the beginning of the year we have been learning about all sorts of creatures, thanks to the Planet Earth desk calendar Garry got in his Christmas stocking.  Every few days he brings home some pictures and we hang them up.

However, when school ended, the door got a face lift.  It is currently an advertisement for our family's summer reading goal of 10,000 pages.

Although we chose this number as a family over dinner one night, Zach and Tyler were a little intimidated by such a prospect.  It hasn't taken long for them to catch reading fever, however, and now the boys are off to the races.  With Zach now reading books in the 400-600 page range and Tyler not far behind, I am confident that our family goal is completely attainable.  In fact, I decided to add a little buffer at the top of our goal meter in case we need it.

This week Garry finished a book (he listens to audio books at work) and Tyler read three.  Their combined efforts for the week totaled 1,027 pages.  Tyler edged out his dad for most pages read (by three pages), so he had the honor of coloring in the first segment.

Zach is nearly finished with his current Rick Riordan book, and we have a fat stack of new books from the library (shhh...don't tell Gavin).  I'm pretty sure I will bring up the rear in terms of pages read this summer, but hopefully my roles as cheerleader and motivator will make up for the lack.  I'm proud of my boys!
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