Jun 10, 2011

Lucky 13

Today Garry and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since this day,
when I thought I couldn't possibly be happier.

All I knew back then is that Garry made me happy.
He was smart and funny and the perfect balance to my Type A personality.
And he loved me.

Once the honeymoon was over, he still had all those qualities.
He still loved me, and he still made me happy.

But as we have weathered so many experiences together,
some fun and adventurous,
some annoying and difficult,
some heart-breaking and gut-wrenching,
some beautiful and joyful,
I have come to appreciate Garry's deeper, stronger traits--
the ones that help us live our
"happily ever after"
every single day.

Garry isn't one who likes to be in front of a crowd,
who revels in pomp and circumstance
or any kind of public praise.
He's just a quiet hero, going about his business,
working hard for his wife and his kids
and building our happy life with his own bare hands.
I love him for that, and for the way he completes me.

I have been pondering the beauty of our relationship,
the way we just work together to do all of the things that need doing.
Simple things like taking out the trash and picking up some groceries,
setting up new apps on my phone, tucking kids in bed,
paying bills, resolving insurance matters, teaching Family Home Evening,
subbing in Sunday School, dusting off the ceiling fan,
running kids to school, reaching the high shelves, and fixing the torn window screen
are just a few of the little details that Garry fits so well
into the big picture of our family life.

I couldn't have known when I was barely 19
and Garry was fresh from a mission,
when we were slogging through school,
living in a dingy old apartment,
and trying to figure each other out,
that 13 years later I would be so deliriously happy.
Of course there are days that are difficult,
and we actually joke about how rarely we see eye to eye
(even/especially on big things).
But when it comes to the things that really matter,
we are united.

Quite suddenly we are living the life I have always dreamed about:
a bunch of little kids,
a happy home,
a secure job,
a strong marriage.

And while I'm not as young and innocent as I was on my wedding day,
I'm glad for every pound and wrinkle and gray hair
that represents a day of happiness with the man I love.

Happy anniversary, Garry.
May there be many more.
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