Jun 26, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Garry and the boys tackled a HUGE project on Saturday: staining our new fence. Although the fence was a beautiful golden yellow we knew that stain would protect our investment and increase its life span.  The stain itself was pretty expensive, so Garry was determined that this would be a DIY project.

Garry enlisted the boys to help.  Zach and Tyler worked in rotating 30-minute shifts. After Garry sprayed on the stain, the boys followed up with a paint roller to distribute it more evenly.  And so they worked in tandem, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The boys had a great attitude as they worked with their dad.

Saturday was quite warm -- in the 90's -- and Garry got fried by the sun.  He and the boys each had a rather bronze hue to their skin and clothing, as well.  The beautiful amber stain left its mark on lots of things besides the fence!

By dinner time, the day's work was done.  Unfortunately, the work wasn't, because they ran out of stain (15 gallons wasn't quite enough!).  So Garry will buy more this week and finish up one evening.  He has about 1/3 of the outside of the back fence (in the greenway) and the insides of the neighbors' fences to stain.  We are looking forward to the end of the fence project, but it sure has improved the appearance of our property!  Now perhaps we can turn our attention to the tragic lawn....
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