Jun 26, 2011

Road Warriors

Garry, aka Super Dad, has generated excitement about bicycle riding in the family.  He is trying to make some healthy lifestyle changes and is including everyone in the fun!  So, in addition to beginning the Couch-to-5K program, Garry is planning to ride his bike to work sometimes and take the kids on bike rides.  On Thursday everyone rode to and from Tyler's baseball game (I drove).  Ever since then, the kids have been begging for an encore.  So, before the great staining project began, Garry took the kids on a 3.7-mile bike ride through our neighborhood.  We sure love living in an area where there are bike trails a-plenty!

Someday Baby Girl and I might join them.  But on this Saturday I enjoyed an hour to myself, which I devoted to laundry and the cleaning of bathrooms -- in peace!
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