Jun 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

We sure love the Daddy at our house!  Father's Day was pretty low-key this year, but Garry enjoyed a nap, a break from Sunday dinner duty, chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and some fun cards from the kids.  We all laughed out loud during dinner while Garry read the surveys the kids filled out about/for him.  A few of the funny quotes:

From Lexi:
What does Daddy do to relax?  Makes me mac and cheese.
What is Dad's favorite thing to do alone?  Fixing away.
What does Dad love to do with you?  Sing Child of God.

From Gavin:
What does Daddy do to make you laugh?  Farts funny sounds.
What does Daddy do when he's alone?  Play with costumes and lost people.
How tall is Dad?  60 feet away.

From Tyler:
How tall is Dad? Six feet, four inches.
What's something Dad always says to you?  "Hi, Ty."
If Dad was a superhero, he would be super strong and transformable.

From Zach:
What is something that Dad always says to you?  Please be good while I'm at work.
What does Dad do to relax?  Falls asleep.
What's your favorite thing to do with Dad? Go fishing.

Garry's gift was a new bicycle (noticing a theme this year?).  He was thrilled to replace his old bike, which was a hand-me-down from his dad when we were newlyweds.  For our anniversary we bought a used bike trailer, hoping that family bike rides could become a tradition.  Gavin and Lexi were thrilled with this development when they took a spin around the block on Saturday.

I'm sure grateful for the super-Dad Garry has become.  He is the preferred parent by far, always doing fun things for the kids and being very hands-on during the hours he is at home.  He's the resident bedtime guru, bike fixer, ball thrower, puzzle builder, game player, and outing taker.  The kids are always thrilled when he returns after a day at work, but I don't think anyone is more happy than I when Daddy comes home.
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