Jun 5, 2011

History in the making

This picture makes me happy.  VERY happy!

For a while now I have been working on memory books for each of the kids.  I have been digitally scanning art work and other memorabilia, revisiting journals and old blog posts, and compiling pictures and stories for inclusion in these books.  Many nap times and evening times have been devoted to the effort.  This week I was thrilled to receive completed books for Tyler and Lexi in the mail from Blurb.  Now each of my children have a book in this genre, which I have adopted in lieu of traditional scrapbooking.

Lexi's is the most current, since it is completed through May 2011.  It is her very first memory book, detailing her first two years.

Gavin has one traditional scrapbook of his first year of life, but his memory book includes details from his first through third birthdays.  Since he turned three six months ago, I'm pretty happy about that.

Tyler's book, the one I finished most recently, chronicles his last year of preschool and his kindergarten year, plus the summer of 2010.  I have begun a new book for him that starts in first grade, but since I want to include two years per book, this won't be complete for a while!

Likewise, Zach's book includes two years of pictures, stories, and artistic treasures.  It covers first and second grade.

It is my hope that before the baby is born, I will finish recording Tyler's first grade year, as well as Zach's third grade year and the time since Gavin's birthday.  In addition, I hope to get my 2011 blog posts into a book so there is less work to do at the end of the year.  We are amassing a happy little collection of Blurb-created books on the shelf.  I love to spend my time recording family history!
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