Oct 1, 2009

Posts by the children: Gavin

Editor's note: The next few posts will have commentary from our children. Be entertained. In this post, my questions are in regular type; Gavin's responses are italicized.

Who is this? Toys. Gavin. Lelli. What are you doing? Toys. Toys. Fish. Blue. Tub!

Who is this cute girl? Lelli! Gorilla. Lawnmower. Lawnmower. Sit. Mommy sit. Lee-ee-ee.

Look at this boy! Boy. Hey. Gavin. Lelli. Up. What are you doing? Kiss. Kiss Mommy. Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy....crazy.

Aw. What a cute picture. Who is it? Gavin. Lelli. In. Out. Out!!! Lelli. See it. Oopsies.

I love your towel! Tyler. Froggie. Ribbit. Lelli. Mama. Tyler!

What are you doing in this picture? Tyler. No, that's Gavin. Cwib. Book. Toweh. Owie. What's owie? Foot. Toe. Owie.

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