Oct 10, 2009

Open wide

Every time I see the pediatrician, it seems a rule about child-rearing has changed.

Infants are supposed to ride rear-facing in the car until age two. Exclusively-breastfed babies are supposed to take iron and vitamin supplements. Four-month-olds are supposed to eat rice cereal twice a day. Who knew? I have to say, I thought I'd know what I was doing by the time my fourth kid arrived!

I haven't been giving Lexi iron and other vitamins. I honestly can't remember to do it, so I hang my head in shame (OK, not really) at every check-up when the doctor asks me about the vitamins. My other babies thrived without vitamins; I think Lexi will be fine, too. However, putting off introducing rice cereal has been a conscious move. I've been lazy and non-committal.

Garry made a bold move and came home with rice cereal and oatmeal for Lexi the other day. It sat on the counter daring me to use it, so I put it in the pantry. From behind closed doors it called to me: "You know you want to follow the rules! Give Lexi cereal! Force the gruel down her throat!"

Thursday was the day. And it looked like this:

Overall success on Day One: 5 out of 10. Overall cuteness of the baby in question, even with cereal on her face: 10+.

A new phase of life has begun.
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