Oct 17, 2009

It's {still} Autumntime

Remember the other week when I was musing about the golden leaves and beautiful Fall weather? Well, that gorgeous backyard tree is completely bare. Guess where all the leaves went?

There comes a point when so many leaves cover the ground that the grass cannot be seen. Thursday brought Operation:Find the Grass. (The boys were thrilled.)

Actually, we had a good time raking the leaves. After several days of frigid temperatures, it was quite refreshing to get outside and move. I found the crisp air invigorating. Of course, I did most of the raking while the boys scooped and bagged all the leaves. (I've earned the right to supervise, haven't I?) Together we filled (packed) eight 40-gallon bags.

Lexi Lou, decked out in a festive pumpkin hat, was content to observe the action from her perch in the exersaucer. I think she loved being outdoors!

Once we had amassed a giant pile of leaves in the front yard, I had what seemed like a brilliant idea: Let's take Christmas card photos! The kids didn't think I was so brilliant.

Tyler was a good sport, though, and gave me a smile.

So far it seems like Autumn will be very brief, and that a long, cold Winter season is ahead. We try to soak up these beautiful Autumn days when they come!
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