Oct 16, 2009

Five months

The little girl at our house is five months old today.


For all the longer-than-life days around here, time's sure a-flyin'.

This week Lexi learned how to roll onto her tummy.
Just like Gavin, it happened on the floor at church.
I gasped loudly (and interrupted the Sunday School lesson a tiny bit).
A few minutes later she did it again, and now she's an old pro.
Lexi loves to roll and spin and scoot across the room.
She's got a bald spot on the back of her head to prove it.

Speaking of hair, Lexi got a hair cut this month. Much to everyone's relief,
I did not buzz her head. (I still think it would have been better.)
Instead, I trimmed her "wings" on the sides and her "tail" in the back.
The Mohawk remains intact.

Lexi loves the exersaucer. She enjoys being upright and interacting with people.
She's a social girl and especially lights up when Gavin is around.
This month she discovered toys, which she puts in her mouth
and passes from hand to hand.
She also sucks on her shirts and dresses and fists.

Last month Lexi gave up sleeping through the night. She still gets up once,
usually around 3:30 a.m., and goes back to sleep after a quick snack.
The big change is the lovely addition of consistent crib naps.
She takes at least two, as long as we are home.
Lexi still loves to be swaddled around her arms, but her legs kick free.
We still park her head in the corner of the crib, nestled in the bumper.

We experimented with bottle feeding this month with some success.
Lexi also tried rice cereal for the first time. [Meh.]
A few weeks ago she weighed just under 12 pounds,
which was in the 15th percentile.
Her height, 23.5 inches, was in the 45th percentile.
She's a tiny girl, but very healthy and happy.

We're very grateful to have her in our family!
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