Oct 7, 2009

The Littles

On school days, these two cuties chill with me at home between the hours of 8:10 and 11:10 a.m.

We've got a pretty good routine going. That routine rarely includes leaving the house, but hey -- I'm trying to embrace the hermit lifestyle.

Here's the basic outline (with recent additions):

8:15 Mom gets Zen Time on the treadmill. Gavin listens to and sometimes watches The Wiggles (or some other inane children's DVD) via the big screen and plays with toys. Lexi chills in the Exersaucer.

8:45 Mom takes a shower. Gavin has options: high chair and a movie or shower. Lexi has options based on Gavin's options. If Gavin is strapped in, Lexi plays on the floor. If Gavin is free (meaning free to leave the shower whenever he wants because Mom refuses to chase in a state, Lexi is in a bouncy seat.

9:15-ish In theory, everyone is dressed and ready for the day. Lexi nurses and takes a nap. Gavin begins puttering/wreaking havoc while Mom cleans up breakfast, does a little laundry, sweeps the floor, checks email, etc.

11:05 Lexi wakes up. Gavin screams about getting in his car seat, but is pacified with a snack. Lexi cries about being in her car seat so soon after being in her crib. Mom might cry a little too.

11:20 Tyler gets picked up from kindergarten.

11:30 Lunch. (Unless it's a day for the cookie lady, or an anomalous lunch out. Today it was both.)

12:00 Lexi nurses again, usually while Gavin is still strapped in his high chair.

12:30 Gavin takes a nap. Bliss.

1:00 Lexi naps. Tyler plays. Mom gets quiet time (this is non-negotiable for 30 minutes).

1:30 Mom might do other things, like interact with the five-year-old, or consider dinner, or revisit the housework. If Tyler is lucky, he has a friend over for the afternoon, or if he's luckier, he's at a friend's house for the afternoon.

2:30 If we're fantastically lucky, Gavin wakes up for the first time, and life is happy.

2:45 Snack.

3:00 Load up for after-school pick-up. Repeat of 11:05 events.

And then there is the after-school chaos.

[Wow...this turned into a post about our daily life, rather than a post about the photos I had planned to share. Don't walk out's about to get interesting.]

In the middle of the schedule-that-isn't-really-a-schedule, there are sweet moments of play time and happiness with the kiddos. I often marvel that Gavin and Lexi will never know life without each other. They are destined to be great friends, and I love that they love each other. Gavin has such a tender heart for his little sister. The big boys do, too, but Gavin is the one to give her kisses and want to hold her and show great concern when she is upset.

In an effort to curb Gavin's tendency to run the household with his antics (or perhaps to curb my tendency to let him), I'm trying harder to spend focused time with him. This week we discovered puzzles. Oh, the miracle of puzzles! Gavin loves them. When I got them out several months ago (I think when I was on bed rest), he wanted nothing to do with them. But now, they are fabulous. The pieces are everywhere, but they are still fabulous. Gavin will sit and play with puzzles better than just about anything else. And, hey! He's learning something! Points for Mom. (I always need points.)

I'm always glad to capture a happy moment on camera. These photos serve as good reminders when the moments aren't as happy. This sweet Gavin face has bruises and marker and crusties and lunch remnants, but is also has an adorable half-smile and heart-melting blue eyes that are worth getting up for every morning.

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