Oct 28, 2009

Turkeys and roosters

Today was the school year's first snow day. Judging from the amount of snow in our yard, I'm not sure what merited the closure, but we managed to do pretty well at home.

We started with pancakes (I never make pancakes), then made friendship bread, otherwise known as a big mess in the kitchen. The boys did chores to earn back the video games they lost last week. Gavin and I did puzzles again and again and again and again.

Throughout the day, there was a little drama, a little quilting, and a lot of wishing that Arizona was closer to Colorado than it actually is.

We also did a couple of projects.

Please tell me that this turkey looks like a pirate. Tyler is thrilled with this silly kindergarten/family art project. I'm thrilled that he is thrilled. That is not my only opinion, but it's the only opinion I plan to share.

Lexi got a hair cut. For all of you who disapprove of buzzing baby girls' heads, take heart: I didn't use the clippers. But I did whack off the rooster tail and feel much better about Lexi's appearance. And she looked awfully cute in the sink!



There is some speculation that our travelin' Daddy (currently in San Francisco) will have trouble getting home tomorrow due to the snowy conditions in Denver. If any of you are inclined to pray for such things, we'd appreciate a blessing from heaven. We really need to see our Daddy tomorrow.
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