Oct 22, 2009

This week in photos

Since I might not have a chance to post for a few days -- what a fun weekend ahead! -- I want to showcase this random collection of photos.

We have a Cub Scout in the house! Zachary was thrilled to attend his first Wolf Den meeting on Tuesday night. For him, staying up "late" (as in, past 7:30) was practically the best part!

At long last, on Thursday I finished a project that has been in the works since March, when I purchased fabric for these curtains. Sewing these curtains was a laborious, frustrating process. For a while I cursed them and nearly threw them out, but now that they are hung I am satisfied. Installing grommets was far easier than I expected, which was probably the only happy lesson I learned. Today I have been arranging some new things I bought for the fireplace mantle. The arrangement pictured below is not the final one. I am so fickle!

This is Lexi on a day when she was wearing two hand-knitted items from Grandma Dent. The sweater has warmed many a grandchild, and now it fits Lexi, a great-grandchild, just perfectly! The booties are perfect now, too -- a bright and happy reminder of my Grandma's love and talents.

Gavin has been....well, himself the last few days: busy and mischievous and hard to keep up with! On the left he is reeling from an encounter with snow. He dashed out the back door without shoes, giggling with glee. It wasn't until he face-planted in two inches of snow that he realized his mistake. Compassionate mother that I am, I laughed and made him shiver until I found the camera.

The rightmost photo showcases Gavin's latest owie. Just six days before family pictures, Gavin fell off a brick planter and scraped up his face. He instructs me to "kiss it better" several times every day. The way he speaks with such perfect clarity warms my heart. He is growing up!

Tyler came out from his shower looking like this tonight. The boys all got matching pajamas last Christmas, and apparently Tyler grabbed the wrong pair from the drawer! I giggle every time I look at this photo. I can't comprehend why he would continue to get dressed when there was such an obvious problem with his clothes. Silly boy!

Here's a photo of Super Dad, hefting two babies. Aren't they (all) cute?

And finally, I found Zach and Tyler reading in my bed after school the other day. The reading was compulsory, but I am charmed by the way they chose to read next to each other. If I had made my bed that day, they probably wouldn't have chosen that spot!

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