Oct 14, 2009

Farewell, football

Since Zachary's last football game of the season was tonight, I thought I ought to venture down to Memorial Park and watch him play. (I've been a bit of a stick-in-the-mud-Mom and opted for the soccer shift every week.)

So I shouted, "Rah-rah-rah!" and "Go Zach!" from the sidelines. I took some pictures and shivered in the cold and nursed and bounced a baby and entertained a toddler and told Tyler to sit down a million times and checked the time a lot. It was quite spectacular. Garry was there, too, of course, except for the part when he ran to the store to replace the team snacks we left on the kitchen counter.

For me, most of the evening's entertainment happened on the sidelines with our goofy children. However, Zach had moments of exciting play, and his team scored a touchdown or two. Here is the photo essay:

While Zachary stretched with his team and began the game, his loyal fans sat on the sidelines munching on Burger King delicacies like crown-shaped nuggets and calorie-laden burgers. Gavin kept asking, "More soda? More soda?"

We were also very cold. Winter wear is very cute on small people. And obviously the boys weren't so cold that they couldn't smile.

And Gavin wasn't so cold that he didn't take his shoes off.
(And his gloves and hat and blanket...multiple times.)

Garry was an excellent baby-holder. Lexi liked him a lot. But toward the end, Gavin escaped from the stroller (after an hour and a half, can you blame him?) and Garry gave him a shoulder ride.

There really were moments when I was paying attention to the game. In this video clip, Zach begins in the center of the frame. He's wearing red shorts.

And here is the final defensive huddle, and the last round of "good game" high fives.

Now the season is over. {Single tear. Wait...nope, not even a single least not from me.} Zachary is distressed that the end-of-season "banquet" (at a popular pizza place) will be held on Sunday. Since we strive for Sunday to be a day of rest and worship and family togetherness, we will not be attending the banquet. I'm proud of Zach for following our family rules, even when they are hard to follow. He must be ready to be baptized!
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