Oct 8, 2009


Ice cream was a popular dessert choice in my childhood home. There were often flavor options on any given night. I had a hard time choosing, so sometimes I'd dish one scoop of each flavor. This method became known as "one of each," which became condensed into one word, "oneofeach," which, when said swiftly and with the proper intonation, sounded like a Russian surname. (Go ahead -- try it, and with your best accent.) What kind of ice cream do I want? Oneofeach.

Believe it or not, this post has nothing to do with ice cream. I was just thinking that I had a few cute pictures of the kids -- oneofeach, to be precise -- to show off.

First, the boy who might love play dates more than life itself.
These kids played so beautifully together that we have set up a weekly after-school gig. P.S. When did Tyler get so tall?

Second, the boy who has discovered leaves.
I discussed this in an earlier post, but this is a better picture.

Third, the girl who looks adorable (but won't look at the camera) in the new outfit that arrived in yesterday's mail. Notice the hand-crafted headband made to match said outfit. Granny is

Fourth, the boy who woke up yesterday with a partially-swollen lip. What?!?! It makes no sense -- there was no injury or bite or illness. Just a fat lip. It's all better now.

I think I'm going to find some ice cream. This post sparked a craving.
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