Oct 20, 2009

Status: Absent

I love Facebook.

I'll admit it: I'm addicted. I really, really enjoy reading about the minutiae of my friends' lives and posting about my own. There's something very validating about posting a commentary on a toddler's propensity for mischief and getting ten "I've been there!" (or randomly tangential) comments. I guess it's like a mini blog for a wider audience.

It's very easy for me to fritter away far too much time on Facebook, reading and commenting and laughing. Maybe this is because I [really] don't get out much. I love people, but I have to settle for electronic versions of communication most of the time.

However, for a while I have to walk away from Facebook. *Sigh* Our family has a very joyful weekend ahead - family coming to town for a boy being baptized. With this great blessing comes lots of responsibility, many projects, and a serious need for housekeeping. I need to focus my energy on those things. I have a lot to do, so I have resolved not to return to the Facebook world until the last family member leaves town.

Can I survive for eight days without reading and writing status updates? I'm not quite sure. Maybe I'll keep a running list of all the funny things that happen and compile them for a blog post next week.

Just so you know, my current update would be: Heidi Dixon Bartle is having withdrawals.
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