Sep 30, 2009

How to survive a headache

For reasons unknown to me, I've had a string of bad headaches. What's the deal? I want to know. Today, I'm employing a number of coping techniques.

1. Take Excedrin. The caffeine should help with the lack of sleep and hopefully take the edge off the discomfort.

2. Drink water (lots of it). In case I am dehydrated...I won't be anymore!

3. Contain the toddler. It's the only strategy in cases such as these.

4. Provide movies for the toddler. (Don't judge.) Baby Signing Time and Baby Einstein:Neighborhood Animals are current favorites, although certain Sesame Street segments occasionally provide effective entertainment.

5. Draw the blinds and curtains (where they exist). Turn off the lights. Light is annoying today.

6. Wear pajamas. And sunglasses. Only six self-portraits are necessary before finding an angle that eliminates the third chin. (There are no angles that eliminate the giant nose.)

7. Clean the toilet. Dry-heaving is less likely to induce genuine vomit if the toilet is clean.

8. Dress up the baby in butterflies. Adorable babies are good therapy.

9. Hope and pray for improvement. The head must feel better by the time the after-school/soccer/football rat race begins.
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