Oct 2, 2009

Posts by the children: Tyler

Editor's note: This post is the second in a series of stories from the perspective of our children. Tyler is the author today. His subject: soccer. My questions are in regular type; his comments are italicized.

Hey, Tyler. Who are these people? The people on my team. Um...Mrs. Angeline. I don't know the other one's name. There's Jackson and Carter, Luke and Adia, and Riley. Oh, and Thomas.

What's the name of your team? Breakers. Come on, Mom.

Where are you standing? I don't know where I'm standing.

Right there (back row on the left). HUH? I didn't know that was me. That does not even look like me.

What are you doing? I don't know!

Who took this picture? My mom.

Nope. Huh?

That was team picture day. Oh. I don't know.

What are you doing here? We had to, well, we were doing stretches and Thomas was just goofing off. I don't know what I'm doing.

Nice action shot, Tyler. I'm playing soccer.

Why is the photo blurry? Maybe the stripe on my pants is just a little big. The camera took it and it just didn't take it right.

What do you think Gavin is thinking? In that picture (on the right) I think he is saying, "Oooh," 'cause he likes soccer. In the other one, Gavin wants to play soccer.

Why is his pajama zipper down? Because he wanted to pull his diaper down.

And then what happened? Then he pulled his diaper down, and poop got all over his pajamas.

How do you feel about that? Good. Wait, how do I feel about what?

The poop. Actually, I feel bad. Yeah.

Tell me what's going on here. Hm...I think she is thinking she would like to play soccer when she's older. She's seeing me play soccer and hearing all of that big thumping that lets you kick the ball. It makes kind of a thumping sound.

Why is she sticking out her tongue? I think she wants to eat.

There's a handsome man! [Laughter.] That's me when I'm on the sidelines and you're taking a picture.

What's with the thumbs up? Um, I think it's because I'm happy that I can play soccer, and I'm good at it.

Did you have a good game on Wednesday? Yeah.

Why was it good? Because I got the Baskin Robbins coupon.

Tell me about these pictures. Was that last night or two nights ago?

Wednesday night. In the right one [By golly! He knows right from left!], I'm stretching. In that one I'm just waiting.

For what? For my turn to go out and play soccer.

Where's the rest of your team? They are out playing and part of it, well, one more person on my team is playing on the other team. So mostly my whole team is out there.

And why are you on the sidelines? [Exasperated] I'm waiting for my turn!

What are you doing here? That's at the end of my game, giving high-fives to the other team. And saying "good game," because they had a good game. That (pointing to the picture on the right): we're running in the tunnel.

Your last game is tonight. How do you feel about the soccer season being over? A little sad because I liked soccer.

Will you play again next year? Yeah.

What was your favorite part about soccer? Well, my favorite part was playing in the field with my team and getting goals.

Did you get lots of goals? Uh-huh. Especially two nights ago!
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