Oct 17, 2009

Let the games begin

Today marked the first of several celebrations surrounding our oldest boy's eighth birthday. Turning eight is a big deal! Why not spread out the fun?

We started with a sports-themed birthday party. Some neighborhood friends joined Zachary and Tyler for lots of rambunctious outdoor play. Even though the temperatures were in the teens early this week, the Colorado sky was clear, sunny, and warm today. Perfect!

First up: goofing off on the play structure.
No broken bones from Superman stunts today.

Then the boys played "Flag Tag," where they tried pulling flags tucked into each other's waistbands. This game was so much fun that they played it three times.

Three-legged races were nothing short of hilarious.

A basketball activity and an obstacle course rounded out the game segment.

Gavin kept himself as involved as possible.

After games, we went inside for lunch. Who likes pizza?

Zach was thrilled with the presents from his fun friends.

And then, of course, there was cake. Happy Birthday, Zach!
What will we do to celebrate your real birthday on Monday?
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