Sep 26, 2012

Buried treasure

Confession: We have a rodent problem.

It started two years ago, while we were "summering" with my Arizona family.  For six weeks, the mice we didn't know we had enjoyed free reign of our empty house.  I came home to evidence in the pantry, and after some investigation, many other places in the house.  I was 100% horrified.  I used more sanitizing products that week than I ever had in my life.

Enter Mike the Exterminator.

Mike found entry points, sealed up all the trouble spots, set traps, and placed bait.  In a few weeks, it seemed the problem was eradicated.  Every now and then, though, we trap a couple of mice.  For two years Mike has said that the likely point of entry for the mice is our crawl space, where we keep lots of boxes and other random junk.  The trouble was that we had to remove all that crap in order for him to investigate.

[Sidebar: Remember the time when Mike came to spray for bugs and I totally embarrassed myself?  Haha.  That was pretty funny.  Slash mortifying.]

Finally, two years later, we took Mike's advice and emptied the crawl space.  I should say that Garry and the boys emptied the crawl space.  Two weeks ago, Mike's minions came in, found a bunch of mouse holes, sealed them off, fixed our air duct as a bonus, and declared us rodent-free.  Phew.

That was a really long introduction for the main subject of this post: Garry's childhood.

For amid the random junk, neglected toys, computer cables, and long-forgotten photography equipment in the crawl space, were Garry's and my boxes of childhood treasures.  I have sifted through mine a time or two due to various Young Women callings (as I tried to get in touch with my inner Mia Maid, for example), but Garry hadn't perused his belongings for years and years.  One of his favorite finds was a collection of photos from babyhood through high school.  It's pretty fun to see the faces of most of our kids in his cheeks, his ears, his smile, his jaw. 

What do you think?

Three months

One year (?)

Two years


First grade

Second grade

Third grade

Fourth grade

Fifth grade

Sixth grade

Seventh grade

Eighth grade




As a junior, Garry wrestled in the 125-pound weight class.



I think it will be even more fun to look at these pictures in 10 years or so, when our kids are a little older. I wonder who will be Garry's twin then.
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