Sep 4, 2012

A child and an eye doctor

So Zach failed the eye exam at school the other day.  That's the first F on a Bartle report card, and luckily it won't go on his high school transcripts.  (Just his driver license, right?) Since the elementary school was out today (what the?), I finally hauled my reluctant, almost-11-year-old son to the eye doctor.

He was nervous, and rightly so.  There were a lot of weird machines in there.  But he was a good sport, and luckily the optometrist was kid-friendly, too.  And, as a bonus, the visit was pain-free (he was worried about that).

When all was said and done, Dr. Bettner declared Zach  farsighted.  Yep.  He needs reading glasses!  Apparently Zach has been exerting a great deal of effort to focus his vision for reading, writing, and using the computer.  The strain has fatigued his eyes so that his distance vision is suffering, too, which is how I knew there was a problem in the first place.  Zach was thrilled to learn that he can wear glasses part-time, and just for "boring school stuff."  I was thrilled to learn we have great vision insurance, so Zach could get the Oakley frames he wanted for $68 out-of-pocket.

In two weeks, Zach will have a new look...and hopefully a great new outlook on life.
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