Sep 9, 2012

The Littles' Big Adventures

The hardest time of day to fill with the Littles is the 90 minutes between lunch (11:30) and Kate's nap time (1:00).  The other day we hung out in the cul-de-sac for a while. Since everyone else on the street works during the day, the kids have a lot of real estate to themselves.  Gavin and Lexi took to dancing (without music--at least not any I could hear) in the street when they weren't zooming around on scooters, bikes, and Kate's push toy.  Kate wanted to wear her shoes AND Lexi's shoes, or, alternately, no shoes at all.  I captured some fun photos and video that day.

On Friday, we spent the same hours at Costco.  I promised lunch to the Littles if they followed the Two Rules of Shopping with Mom, which they mostly did.  Gavin and Lexi split a piece of pizza, and we split a smoothie three ways, so lunch was cheap that day!  

I am always glad when an outing results in community nap time, too.

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