Sep 6, 2012

Mom's Taxi

Today is our first full-throttle, all-the-kids-in-school day.  Here's the timeline of our basic Thursday from here 'til May.  Since the boys just quit swim team (Mama's not happy), the afternoon isn't quite as hectic.

5:00: Heidi's alarm rings.

5:15: Heidi stumbles into the gym for an hour of cardio.

6:30: Heidi returns home.

6:35: Garry's alarm rings.  He starts waking up Zach (it's a process; we have arrived).

6:45: The family congregates for breakfast and scripture study mischief, mayhem, and milk spilling.

7:00: Heidi makes lunches.  Garry takes a shower.  Boys dress for school.

7:30: Heidi takes Zach to the middle school for his math class.  Sometimes the girls ride along so Garry can hustle Tyler and Gavin more easily.

7:45: Heidi returns home.

7:55: Garry leaves with Tyler and Gavin.

8:00: Garry drops Tyler at the school curb.  Kate jumps in the bathroom doorway while Heidi showers.

8:10: Garry walks Gavin into school, signs him in, and then goes to work.

8:20: Heidi is ready for the day.  She fixes Lexi's hair and makes sure her backpack is ready.  Breakfast dishes might also be done if there is enough time.

8:48: Heidi picks up Zach at the middle school.

8:55: Heidi drops Lexi at preschool.

9:05: Heidi drops Zach at the elementary school.

9:15: Heidi puts a sleepy Kate in bed for her morning nap.

9:30: Heidi hosts an Isaiah study group at the house.

11:00: Heidi and Kate pick up Lexi.

11:25: An angel friend knocks on the door.  She brings Gavin home from preschool every day.

11:30: Lunch mischief and mayhem at the kitchen table.

11:45: Play time.

1:00: Kate takes another nap.

1:00-3:00: Heidi referees more mischief and mayhem.  She maybe takes a cat nap on the couch, or does some laundry, or works on the computer, or eats bon-bons...or whatever moms do all day.

3:00: Heidi turns the kids loose in the front yard to wait for brothers.  She maybe thinks about dinner for the first time.

3:35: Zach and Tyler return home on their scooters (which they carried to school in the morning).

3:40: Heidi takes Tyler to art class.

4:00: Heidi monitors homework completion.

4:45: Heidi picks Tyler up from art class.

5:30-ish: Dad comes home.  Hooray.

6:00: Dinner.

7:30: Bedtime for the children.

8:30: Lights out for the big children.

9:00: Heidi goes to bed (haha...wishful thinking, most nights)

5:00: Heidi's alarm rings...
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