Jun 22, 2010

Are we there yet?

So much of life right now is about waiting. We wait at swimming lessons and the doctor's office, in line and at meetings. We wait in the car, we wait for dinner. We also wait for a certain house to sell. With so much waiting going on, we try to entertain and distract ourselves from the unsavory task at hand.

This is how we do it.

During showings, we usually end up at the park. The Littles also play at the park during baseball games. There is no waiting on the sidelines. There is no watching the game. There is climbing and swinging and playing on the toys. This is how we wait.

When waiting for the van's oil to be changed, we walk over to Best Buy to enjoy the air conditioning. This waiting is fun for the big boys. A 3-D TV is pretty sweet for gaming.

At swimming lessons, we have several strategies. We play with the wagon. We roll in the grass and kick a ball.

When outside entertainment is exhausted, the kids must be restrained indoors by the pool. That's when we break out the snacks. Food is a key element of waiting.

Sometimes we strap in unsuspecting victims and push them around the pool deck.

We take pictures of the scenery. (Oh, Colorado! Your beauty is unsurpassed!)

We play peek-a-boo.

While waiting for tires to be changed at Costco, we eat, then shop, then have dessert. We run amok and make lots of noise and appall strangers in the check-out line.

Sometimes, if we are really, really, really lucky, a wait involves sleep for one or more participants (I am never in this group).

And last, but perhaps most significant, we now wait in Arizona. Last Friday I decided I had to run to the comfort of my family. On Saturday we made the 14-hour trek. That required a lot of waiting. The kids' first "Are we there yet?" happened after about two hours on the road. Electronic entertainment and LOTS of food saved us on that day.

But now, as the kids and I are nestled in my parents' spare bedrooms (we even have our own dressers and drawers in the bathroom), we are prepared to wait more patiently for things to happen with our move. Garry has returned to our house to work and wait. If the house sells soon, the kids and I won't go back to Colorado. If it doesn't, we will go back when school starts.

Hopefully this phase of waiting involves more relaxation and less stress! I am looking forward to it.


angieinpink said...

the waiting game is one of the most challenging games ever. i'm very familiar with it. *i pray everyday that your perfect buyer will arrive. {with haste & a hefty offer}

The Wizzle said...

Waiting, without knowing how long you have to do it, is about the hardest thing there is. You can survive almost anything without too much fuss, if you just know the finish line and can pace yourself accordingly. Open-ended waiting is really, really tough.

So I'm sorry it's under these circumstances, but we are glad to have you, any way we can!

Melanie said...

Waiting is pulling the bandaid off very, very slowly. Sorry for your struggles and suffering!

I'm hoping you can build your reserves up while at your folks. You could use a little gas in your tank!

Of course, I'm thrilled to have you in Arizona! But I'm sorry for all your waiting...and all your burdens...

Kristi said...

Though I will miss you, I hope for your sake that the waiting will end quickly.

Having our house on the market in Idaho last summer was a painful waiting game for me as well. I don't wish it upon anyone.

Good luck friend!

Princesa said...

I'm glad you have a place to crash with the kids. It's never fun to have to get out with kids. I hope your house sells soon and for a price you want.

Cumorah said...

Now how on earth am I going to visit teach you in Arizona, my dear? At least there you won't have to clean, and reclean, and clean yet again for strangers to tromp through your house. (been there! not fun!) Relax, enjoy some sun, and I'm sure your house will be snatched up before you know it! Good luck girl!

Carroll Conversations said...

What a way to wait! Love your waiting picture, it says so much. =)

pass it on!

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