Sep 26, 2012

Things I have learned today

1.  Shampoo does not clean my hair if I forget to rinse it out.

2.  My oven's delayed baking function works perfectly.

3.  My oven, even when set at 350 degrees, does not cook food if I forget to put food in it.

4.  Broccoli does not steam without water in the bottom of the steamer.

5.  Keys, when left in the ignition, drain the van battery, even if the engine is off.

6.  The treadmill tends to stop when I accidentally brace my thumb on the "stop" button while my pointer finger presses the "increase speed" button, even during the sprint phase of a six-mile run.

7.  I cannot purchase goods at Target without money (or in my case, a wallet with money in it).

8.  Laundry does not magically jump into the washing machine just because I transfer a load from the washer to the dryer.

9.   The dryer does not turn on if I do not press the start button.

10.  I am not getting enough sleep.
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