Sep 18, 2012


Over Sunday dinner, Gavin related the parable of the talents as told in the New Testament.  He did a remarkably good job, complete with words like "multiplied" and "master."  Following his retelling, he said his number one talent was riding a two-wheeler. When prompted, he couldn't think of anything else. I said, "I think you are really good at feeling the Holy Ghost in your heart."  He cocked his head to one side and then grinned. "Like when my heart beeps?"  We all laughed.

Zach said that if he listed his talents there would be "like a hundred or something."  We asked him to elaborate.  Zach said, "Uh....being bored."  I said, "Try again!"  Then he listed his recreational pursuits: the pogo stick, the trampoline, and the Ripstik.

Tyler interjected that his Primary class had the same lesson.  He then whipped out a card on which he had written 28 of his talents.  They were: piano, math, puzzles, reading, art, sports, animals (being good with them), cooking, understanding, flips, BB gun shooting, archery, making friends, being ambidextrous (?!), laughing, making monster sounds, screaming "no!", being bored, playing, writing fast, writing, spelling, eating, stuffing my face, being awesome (my personal favorite), playing games, yelling, and sleeping.

I am so glad that my boys all have a healthy self-esteem.  They think they can do anything--and be great at it.  I hope Garry and I can always encourage them to be fearless and daring as they face the world and develop their talents.
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