Sep 4, 2012

First Day: Lexi

The long-awaited day has come.  Lexi is attending preschool!  She was beyond excited for her first day, due in large part to the fact that she could finally use her purple backpack. As one might guess, purple is Lexi's favorite color.  She was so happy to pack her sharing bag, which included several things about her: purple nail polish, a puzzle piece, a roll of crayons, a baby picture, a family photo, and a book.  That's a lot of personality to shove in a little paper sack.

She posed for obligatory first-day photos.  Not surprisingly, she knew just where to stand.

What did surprise me was her tears at drop-off.  She cried!  I still can't believe she cried. She clung to me and wouldn't let go.  She sobbed.  She wailed.  She begged for me to stay. It was heart-breaking.  But, being the hardcore mom that I am, I left her in a heap on the floor and walked out the door.

Lexi was all smiles when I picked her up two hours later.  Her first declaration upon returning to the van was, "I had a great time, Mom!"

Let's hope that attitude, instead of the one that preceded it, sets the tone for her school year.
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