Sep 13, 2012

Sunday afternoon

Last week I poked my nose into a photography book and learned a little about ISO, exposure, and aperture.  Since we own a nice camera, I'd like to learn to use it properly. But there's sure a lot to learn!

One of the exercises in the book I'm reading required taking still shots and action shots using a bunch of different settings.  I'm not sure I learned what I was supposed to learn during the exercise, and the photos aren't fantastic, but I sure had a lot of fun watching Garry and the kids play.

Gavin volunteered to be my subject for the still shots, which is hilarious.  He bailed after the first one, so Garry stepped in, and then Lexi jumped on his lap.  I kind of wish they had been wearing coordinating clothing, because I took several shots that I just love...but their clothes clash.  Haha.

It was easy to find a moving target: three boys on a trampoline.  Zach can land a back flip, so now he's trying to add a spin.  Tyler is an expert at striking spazzy poses mid-air.  And Gavin has perfected his front flip ("I can LAND it, Mom!").  Sometimes it's amazing to see how high he can travel on his brothers' bounces.  Lexi would only jump with Garry.  Her fear of her brothers is completely justified.

After the trampoline show, Garry wrestled kids in the grass and tried to lift them off the ground.  Everyone was joking and laughing and helping each other, which is a far cry from their usual agitation.  

For a few minutes, I basked in my heaven on earth.  I'm glad I have the photos to prove that it actually happened.
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