Sep 19, 2012

Give him a hand

Last night Zach had a happy scouting milestone: he earned his Webelos badge and Religious Knot.  Both awards represent a lot of hard work on his part...and some on mine, too.  At pack meeting the Cubmaster also presented Zach with four activity badges and three belt loops.  Zach has actually earned the highest honor in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light, but apparently our ward has decided to award those on a quarterly basis, so he won't participate in that ceremony until December.  Zach will "cross over" into Boy Scouts at pack meeting next month, right before his 11th birthday.

[Sidebar: Zach lost his scout shirt (yes! lost!) a month ago, so we have borrowed a friend's shirt for the remaining weeks of Cub Scouts.  That's why the shirt he's wearing already has a Webelos badge sewn on the pocket.]

Our ward is ginormous.  The Cub Scout pack includes 25 Cubs.  Our meeting last night was huge.

In other news, Zach hit a rock while riding his scooter home from school yesterday and crashed.  He hyper-extended the fingers in his right hand when he hit the ground, and hours later, they were still throbbing and sore to the touch.  He couldn't grip a pencil for homework or a fork at dinner.  After pack meeting, we stopped at the home of a friend who works in sports medicine.  She and her husband, a physical therapist, assessed Zach's hand and fingers.  They had a split decision on "wait and see" versus getting an x-ray.  We ultimately decided to try ice and ibuprofen and wait at least until morning for medical attention.  While Zach iced his hand (aren't his glasses cool?), I served as scribe for social studies homework.

This morning Zach was still miserable.  Garry took him to Urgent Care while I did the morning school routine.  It turns out that Zach's hand and fingers are not broken, so he has a prescription for more ice, ibuprofen, elevation, and movement.  Poor kid.  We hope his pain abates quickly.
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