Sep 21, 2012

13 months

Our cute Kate is growing up.  She has two new teeth (her fourth on the bottom and an upper left molar), can sport tiny pigtails, drinks only from sippy cups, and climbs play structures with ease.  She is busy and curious and capable.  She is also kind of ornery, but we'll blame that on the teeth.  And the pictures here are kind of lame, but I'll blame that on my cell phone and my never-sits-still subject.

Yesterday I finally took her in for a one-year check-up.  Kate weighs 22 pounds, 4 ounces (80%) and is 29.3 inches tall (37%).  She loves phones and remotes and shoes and milk and the great outdoors.  She tolerates books and diaper changes and her car seat.  Some of her favorite activities are taking rides in the wagon, walking around the yard, playing the piano (especially while I do), and snuggling in the bean bag.  Hopscotch is her constant sidekick, and she adores her binky.

Kate wants to talk.  She points and grunts and whines and shrieks but still only has four real words at her disposal.  It's a frustrating time.  We've taken away her bottles, which is probably confusing and upsetting to her.  She's certainly drinking less and crying more. These things will all work out with time, but for now, we're all a little on edge.

It's a good thing Kate is so darn cute.  Her pigtails and tights and black eye only add to her charm.
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