Sep 7, 2012

School work

I just finished scanning the first batch of school work for the 2012-13 school year.  Here are the treasures:

Lexi's self-portrait.

Included with this was a questionnaire that Lexi's teacher helped her complete.  Our funny girl's answers are in bold.

My name is: Lexi
Who named me: I don't know.
In was born: Nowhere.
I am 3 years old.
My mom's name is: I don't know.
My dad's name is: He's a boy.
I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.
Their names are: Gavin, Zach and Tyler, and Kate, and mom, and me.
I have 0 pets.
My favorite foods are: ice cream and pizza.
My favorite color is: pink, purple, blue, and white.
My favorite toy is: Betsy.

Gavin hasn't produced much in the way of art yet, but he did bring home a hand print.  

I haven't seen any of Tyler's school work yet, either.  However, he's bringing great stuff home from art class.  He drew the outline of the horse upside down and then colored it in (and added sound effects).  I took a photograph of the collection of items Tyler drew in his second piece.  I realize now that he was actually sitting to the right of the collection, so I should have taken a picture from his perspective!  I'm especially fond of his shading technique with pastels.

Zach was the first student of the week in his class.  He had to talk about himself for two minutes and didn't prepare at all, but I liked what some of the students had to say about his presentation:

"I think it's cool that you admire your dad."  --Peyton
"I think you are very cool and very kind."  --Lauren
"I hope you become a pro basketball player like you want to."  --Max
"Zach is a very funny student who is actively involved in class.  He is really smart!"  --Mr. B.

For his sharing day, Zach took his pogo stick to class and wowed them with his ability to jump on it with no hands.  He brought home this note at the end of his special week.
Now I need to find the time to add all of these scanned items (and the stories behind them) to the kids' memory books.
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