Jan 5, 2010

The gory details (This is for you, Rachel)

Since our moving announcement, we've been peppered with questions, so I thought I'd explain why we have answers for none of them.

The reason.

Didn't we just move? Why, yes, yes we did. Two years ago this week I had moving thoughts flitting through my brain, wild and crazy moving thoughts. Then, 18 months ago, when we moved into this house, I only had one thought: NEVER AGAIN. I even said that out loud many times. I guess I should have known I was baking myself a nice dish of crow on which I would later feast.

We are very happy (VERY HAPPY) to be moving closer to family, but besides that and the fact that we feel directed to go, moving doesn't make any sense at all. We have loved every minute of our time in Colorado Springs. We have met fantastic people and had wonderful experiences. We love our home and the city and our ward and the boys' school. But apparently it's time to move on. I have been overwhelmed with spiritual feelings for a couple of weeks now. I'm grateful for the witness that we are doing the right thing, even if we can't see the finish line yet.

The job.

Garry works for Wells Fargo and loves what he does. The hours are great, his 3-mile commute can't be beat, he works for a wonderful boss, and his salary makes our life just the right amount of comfortable. After ten days off for the holidays, Garry is currently slammed at work. His boss is aware that he intends to move. Later this week he will discuss with her what transfer-type options are available. He is applying for new positions within Wells Fargo, and also looking elsewhere for work because that feels right, too. He has considered telecommuting from home once we move and finding a new job in Mesa later, but that option has not been cleared with the boss yet. Wells Fargo does not currently offer relocation assistance to any of its job applicants. This is a major bummer.

The house.

I had this fantasy that we'd be able to sell our house quickly and privately, thus happily avoiding Realtor fees and the big ugly task of showing our house. I'm not sure why I was so fixated on this idea (maybe because it would truly be a miracle in my life). We have pestered all of our house-renting friends but feel that pursuit is over. We are considering listing the house on MLS without an agent (cutting our fees in half), or, if that doesn't turn up the perfect buyer fairly quickly, we'll sign with an agent and do things the traditional way. We intend to list soon -- maybe by next weekend.

Since we bought so recently, and invested in improvements
(yard, play structure, paint, flooring, appliances) with a long-term perspective, we are worried about recouping our money. As I said before, this move doesn't really make a lot of sense on paper. But after looking at homes for sale in our neighborhood, we hope ours will be attractive to potential buyers and will fetch a good price. We really love our house and hope it will be a blessing to another family.

The great news is that this is an excellent time to buy a house in Mesa. We are excited about the possibilities there, and my brother is a real estate agent who is sure to find us a sweet deal. (No pressure, Eric!)

The timeline.

The timing of our move depends mostly on The Job and The House. If this house sells quickly, we could be gone by Spring Break. (Ack!) This house has sold three times previously, and its longest stint on the market was 27 days (when we bought: 17). I suppose we need to be prepared for a quick sale. While I would be thrilled to avoid the stress of showings for months on end, I wonder how we would manage in sprint mode.

Part of me thinks it would be lovely to let the boys finish the school year here. Part of me thinks it would be much better to get a month or two of Mesa/Gilbert school in before summer break, partly to aid in friendships, and partly to break us in easy with the Arizona heat!

The bottom line.

At the end of the day, I have a thousand questions and no answers. I have a great deal of stress. I feel overwhelmed. I'm scared. I have vivid memories of how difficult this process can be....we did this very recently! How is everything going to work out? What is in store? Can I really do this?

But when I find myself getting worked up, I try to take a moment and center on the peaceful feelings I have when I think about actually living in Mesa. I know this is the right thing to do. I know the direction to move came from a loving Heavenly Father who has a much better plan than I could ever create for myself. And I know he will provide. I know he will provide.

I just have to trust him, listen to him, and walk in the direction he leads.
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