Jan 22, 2010

Ten minutes later

I experienced a mothering first today: two kids in the cart at Costco.

I've never had kids close enough in age to utilize both seats in the shopping cart, and until today I've avoided major Costco trips with both babies in tow. Lexi usually rides in her car seat in the basket portion of the cart while Gavin rides up front.

But today I was feeling ambitious (and...gasp!...we were out of Ranch dressing...the last straw), so I made a long list and, ten minutes later, headed out the door. Once at the store I was actually charmed with my adorable children sitting side by side -- so charmed, in fact, that I took a picture in the produce section. Gavin said it was "freezing in there!" while Lexi kicked her legs like a maniac, clearly thrilled to have the best seat in the house.

Ten minutes later, the charm fizzled. Gavin made it his mission to make Lexi miserable. With pokes and prods and pulls of her hood, he had her shrieking in no time. Lexi kicked her socks off 17 times. But of course I had a big list of things to throw in the cart. Most were the usual suspects and I knew right where to find them, but I had to hunt down a couple and finally gave up on a third. Eventually I was holding Lexi in one arm and pushing my heavily-laden cart with the other, trying to avoid Gavin's kicks along the way. I deeply regretted keeping my coat on when I walked into the store. I was sweating bullets.

See Gavin's sour face? A $3 hoodie and $4 shoes (plucked from Target clearance aisles) don't add much charm to that attitude.

Ten minutes later, with groceries and gas in the van, I headed home and Gavin fell asleep. Apparently just BEING a toddler is as exhausting as parenting one. But ten minutes later, Gavin woke up. {Sigh....}

[Afternoon post script]
In an amusing twist of irony, I discovered a bottle of Ranch dressing in the garage cupboard when putting away the Costco groceries. How interesting that the must-have food item precipitating the excursion wasn't actually needed!
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