Jan 13, 2010

Three reasons

Tyler has spent the afternoon sitting at the desk next to me. I am selecting hymns for Relief Society singing and Tyler is alternately coloring and playing with Lexi. Much to his chagrin, he has lost all electronics privileges until he can locate the magnet that opens the media cabinet downstairs. He's not very happy about a life without electronic entertainment.

However, this development has offered the opportunity for more talking. Tyler just prompted a conversation that made me laugh.

"Mom, I have three reasons for staying in Colorado and three reasons for moving to Arizona. Want to hear them?"

Of course I wanted to hear them!

"The three reasons for staying are: One, my friends. [Pause.] Hm. I can't remember the other two. And the three reasons for going are: One, all the rest of my family is there like cousins and stuff. Two, it's
HOT. And three....will I get my electronics back?"
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