Jan 17, 2010

Eight months

Lexi turned eight months old yesterday. Eight. That seems like a big number.

To show that she's really growing up, Lexi got her first two teeth this week. They are both on the bottom, and they made her miserable. To celebrate her 2/3-of-a-year birthday, Lexi also got a wicked cold, complete with a green, goopy nose and a raspy cough. Her little voice is pretty hoarse. Poor baby. If you look closely at these pictures, you'll see that her nose is all red. We have rubbed it raw with tissues.

Sweet Lexi is generally happy and mellow. She loves to move these days, and can navigate quite well from a seated position on the floor! She has begun pulling herself up to things (mostly just to her knees) but has stood up to laundry baskets and her crib rail. No crawling yet.

We discovered this week that Lexi won't take a bottle anymore. What a bummer! This limits my evening freedom quite a bit, so I hope her refusal is temporary. I have started spreading out her feedings with my eye on weaning in May. Lexi's sleep training is going well. She usually only wakes once a night now and falls asleep on her own. What a good baby!
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