Jan 12, 2010


After a few weeks with temperatures hovering between -5 and 20 degrees, Colorado Springs is experiencing a burst of Spring. The snow is melting and the heavy coats are staying in the closet. This reprieve from Winter's icy grip--however short it may be--is so refreshing!

With afternoon highs soaring into the 50s, the boys have been begging to wear shorts. Zachary was determined this morning, even as the outdoor thermostat reported a mere 36 degrees, that he would be too hot and sweaty during recess if he was wearing anything but shorts and sandals. I eyed the perpetual pile of snow on the lawn and the ice in the shadow-prone cul-de-sac and mandated pants and a jacket. Zachary was completely furious with my antiquated ways.

Sure enough, at the end of the school day, Zach bounded to the van with rolled up pants and his jacket in his backpack. His face was red and he was panting. He informed me that girls had been chasing him "all day," which explained his sweaty brow and utter exhaustion. He and Tyler begged for popsicles when they got home -- or maybe ice water to dump on their heads. I vetoed their proposal; they settled on fruit and crackers.

So for the first time in a few months, the boys are playing outside with their friends. They are riding bikes and jumping out of swings and climbing trees, soaking up the "hot" afternoon. These silly boys have no idea what "hot" really is. In six months, when they experience Arizona's triple digits, when the evening temperature is twice what our thermostat records today, maybe then they'll understand what "hot" is.

At least their mean mom will let them wear shorts.
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