Jan 16, 2010

I love this house

For about three weeks we've been fixing up our house to prepare it to sell. While none of the projects were huge (one item: replace outlet cover in Lexi's room), it has taken some time to whittle down the list. I am pleased to report that with about 24 hours' notice, I could whip this place into show-worthy shape.

I'm excited about our progress, and spend lots of time wondering about the steps ahead. I feel quite calm about the vast unknown, but still have lots of questions. I'm trying to have faith, day by day and hour by hour, that the right things will happen at the right time.

But today, as I was cleaning carpets and taking pictures and creating our real estate sales flier, I realized with great force how much I love my house! I really hope that whoever ends up living here will love it as much as I do.

I love that the exterior is kind of small and unassuming.
I love the mature trees in the front yard.
I love having quiet neighbors on either side.
I love the flower bed by the front door.
I love that the kids can ride bikes and play ball in the cul-de-sac.
I love having a ranch-style home with a full basement.

I love the pretty wood floors.
I love the vaulted ceiling and roomy, open floor plan.
I love the big dining space.
I love the picture window in the front room.
I love the acoustics for my piano.
I love the paint -- the brand-new paint.
I love the dreams in my head for wall art above the table
and a purple armchair by the piano.

I love this kitchen.
I love the color and quantity of the cabinets.
I love the center island and all the workspace it offers.
I love having a place for additional seating at the bar.
I love the new goose neck faucet and fancy spray nozzle.
I love
love l-o-v-e the dishwasher.
I love the "great room" feel with a couch and TV near the kitchen.
I love the wood-burning fireplace in the winter.
I love the walk-out to the backyard all year long.
I love all of the natural light.

I love this giant entertainment room.
I love having so much space for the kids (and their friends) to play.
I love having so much space to entertain grown-ups, too --
it's a lovely spot for baby showers and playgroup.
I love the built-in bookshelves.
I love the custom TV cabinet that Garry designed and built.
I love the in-wall wiring for seven-channel surround sound
(even though I don't care about movies).
I love that the basement has so much daylight.
I love that this room is so cool in the summertime.
I love having room for a treadmill in the house (even though you can't see it here).

I love that this house has five bedrooms.
I love that there are bedrooms on both floors,
and that the biggest bedrooms are in the basement.
I love the big closets and extra storage.
I love the paint in the boys' room, and the girly decorations in Lexi's room.
I love that even though the kids are spread out in all five bedrooms,
we could still accommodate lots of guests.

I absolutely LOVE this yard.
I love having a quarter of an acre in the city.
I love having a park-like play structure in my own fenced space.
I love having a sand pit.
I love having enough grass for football and soccer games and big birthday parties.
I love having big trees that change with the seasons.
I love having healthy, beautiful grass in the summertime.
I love the flagstone patio that is nearly finished.
I love the cement pad we poured for our garbage cans.
I love the shed attached to the house that even has electricity.
I love the gate in our fence that opens to green space and walking paths.
I love that we live within (short) walking distance of two parks.


I love my house.
It will be very hard to leave my house.
Will I find a house I love this much?
I know it's not the most important thing in the world,
but I sure hope so.
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