Jan 6, 2010

Status updates

This morning the kids and I got out of the house. The walls were closing in; it was time to go! So we spent the morning running errands.

First stop: Advance Auto Parts. The van needed a new battery. In the last couple of months I have been stranded with kids in the school parking lot, my own driveway and garage, and, on Monday, Costco. The free installation took the sting out of the price. Lexi nursed while Frank installed the battery.

Second stop: Goodwill. Six bags, three lollipops, and one donation receipt later, we were outta there.

Third stop: Walmart. Last week Gavin poured my nearly-full gallon of carpet cleaning soap all over the kitchen floor. I need to clean my carpet. Also on the list: rubber gloves, yogurt, spaghetti sauce, and frozen hash browns. I forgot the hash browns.

Fourth stop: Home. I had forgotten my Costco card. Since we were home, I also grabbed a bib.

Fifth stop: Costco. I returned the plastic boxes I purchased the other day (re: broken) and picked up new ones, plus Marie Callender's chicken pot pies and cheese. Then we all ate pizza in the food court and contributed to the gross margin. Gavin was a mess of pizza sauce when he was finished; I was very glad for the bib.


After errands, the babies napped and I got to work. I cleaned out the fridge and the oven (baking soda rocks!), washed windows and tracks, and wiped down all of the kitchen cabinets and light fixtures. I wondered if the people who will soon tour our house will appreciate this attention to detail, or if I'm just creating extra work for myself. I sent some emails and talked a lot on the phone.


Garry talked to his boss today about keeping his job but transferring to a different office. The news wasn't especially encouraging, and all decisions on that front (as far as the higher-ups are concerned) will be delayed several weeks. Garry has begun to apply for work in other departments and has contacted colleagues in Arizona to aid in his search.

Without the "safety net" of the current job, I'm feeling a little anxious. The one thing we thought would be easy suddenly isn't easy. But the easy road isn't always the right road. God's plan isn't always simple. Fortunately I have lots of menial housework to occupy my hands while my heart and mind sort everything out!
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