Jan 23, 2010

Boys just want to have fun

Last summer, Garry and I realized that our days with the kids often ended on a sour note. It seemed someone was always crying at bedtime. In an effort to build our family relationships, we instituted "family fun time," which was a privilege the boys could enjoy with us before bed.

Originally we had family fun time every night, whether it was playing a game, reading a book, taking a walk, watching a show, making a treat, or something else exciting. When school started in the Fall, however, our busy sports schedule (and the boys' penchant for early rising) made us reserve family fun time for non-school nights only. The boys really look forward to the weekend now!

If I'm being honest, I should really refer to these activities as "Daddy fun time," because Garry nearly always leads the fun. I am usually putting Lexi to bed or decompressing in a quiet room far away. Tonight was no exception, although I was pretty curious about the giggles I heard downstairs.

Tonight Garry led the boys -- including Gavin, who usually goes to sleep before the fun begins -- in a series of exercises. Each of them arranged a blanket as an exercise mat, and Garry ran the video camera. I laughed hysterically when I watched the videos. I had visions of 1980's aerobics shows where women on three platforms demonstrated high, medium, and low-impact versions of the exercise routine.

Jumping Jacks



Somersaults (Gavin only)

So tonight, family fun time filled the measure of its creation: everyone went to bed happy. Hooray!
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