Jan 7, 2010

On finding joy

Today was a day that put my one and only 2010 resolution to the test. I was stressed out and emotional and fairly convinced that my meager mothering skills were no match for my two-year-old. I kept thinking, "How am I supposed to find joy in this?"

So I listened to a few Conference talks and some uplifting music...and started looking a little harder for the joy. Eventually I found it!

I found joy in a goofy boy who took great delight in his little sister's car seat. I laughed out loud, actually, and so did he. [Sidebar: notice the orange moving sticker on the side of the carseat. Pretty ironic, eh?]

I found joy in this messy face. It meant that Lexi enjoyed a biter biscuit in the high chair for a good long time -- so long that I had a peaceful shower and getting-ready experience. And her bed head cracks me up.

I found joy by sitting on the floor with my two little ones and attempting a picture. This is the best one we got.

I found joy when Tyler sat down for 20 minutes of reading after school and didn't emerge for an hour. He finished an entire Magic Tree House book in one sitting!

And I found joy when I discovered Zach's open scriptures on his bed. He decided this week that he ought to read from The Book of Mormon every day on his own. He started on Sunday and has read faithfully every night before bed. I am very impressed with this boy!

It's pretty amazing to find such things in the midst of Gavin disasters, baby blow-outs, and moving boxes. I'll keep looking and see what else I can find.
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