Jan 13, 2010


How to have a relaxing morning:
  • Let the eight-year-old buy lunch at school.
  • Send the big boys out the door with a note since they are so late.
  • Put on clean pajamas after the morning shower.
  • Put away the prepare-house-to-sell list (indefinitely).
  • Play the piano while the two-year-old dances and the seven-month-old sits under it.
  • Nurse the baby to sleep.
  • Find the two-year-old in your bed...and get in with him.
  • Watch two episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and dance at appropriate moments.
  • Sing Old MacDonald with 17 verses, then every song that suits the two-year-old's fancy.
  • Take a picture of the boy's crazy bedhead.
  • Put on jeans at the last possible moment before kindergarten pick-up.
  • Go out to lunch with Dad.
  • Put babies to bed upon return.
  • Contemplate a nap.
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