Jan 20, 2008

A season of change

Right now my life is all about change. We're preparing to sell our beloved first home. We're moving a few states across the map to a place I've never been. We'll be starting fresh. Everything will be new.

Doing new stuff can be scary, but I think that's mostly about leaving behind the familiar and the comfortable. There is plenty of that in Beaverton -- so many fabulous friends, happy memories, and wonderful traditions. My heart hurts when I think about waking up without all of them around the corner. Faces are swimming through my mind in a sea of memories. I hope I always have them.

Having said that, I'm kind of excited about the move.

I have an adventurous streak that just isn't afraid of diving in and seeing what happens. Someone told me recently that her family motto was "I can do hard things." I like that. I've started chanting it to myself when I'm faced with an awkward phone call or a frightening closet that doesn't want to be packed. I look forward to saying it when I can't find my way home from the grocery store in Colorado Springs or when I walk into our new ward and instead of knowing every name and every face I'm the new girl again. I can do hard things. And sometimes I like it.

In the spirit of change, I'm stepping out of the family newsletter box I've been so comfortable in for six years. I don't categorize this in my list of "hard things" by any means, but rather in the list of "new things" in my life. So here's to the new things, and the hard ones, that make life interesting!
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