Jan 14, 2010


I'm rewarding myself with chocolate and an early bedtime because I just accomplished something important.

I {finally} finished all of the touch-up painting around the house. Since our house has, oh, 13 or so different colors of interior paint, this has been a big job. I've had paint cans littering my kitchen counters for two weeks, and let me just say that they are ugly and annoying. Paint cans be gone!

I am going to wait until tomorrow to put everything away, however. I'll let the sunshine stream in tomorrow morning so I can properly scrutinize all of the walls and doors and trim to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Now that almost all of the little fix-it projects are done, the next step is taking pictures. Then we'll make a flier. And then we'll {gulp} put the house on the market when the time feels right.

I think I need more chocolate.
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