Jun 9, 2008

Too. Tired. For. Pictures....

The movers delivered the goods today. Crazy, emotional, tiring. Glad it's over.

Some of the highlights:
  • The guys trying to move in our armoire without realizing it was packed full of boxes (we didn't do that -- they did!); one of the movers almost getting smashed flat in the process
  • Zachary greeting his bicycle like it was a long lost friend
  • The boys playing with the neighbor kids like they've known each other for years
  • Finding out that the washing machine doesn't work very well
  • Boxes stacked higher than my mom in the kitchen
  • Unpacking every one of those boxes and organizing the kitchen
  • Gavin acting extra sad and needy all day (not to mention the night before...)
  • Nearly collapsing of heart failure when the piano didn't play correctly after delivery/assembly
  • Breathing The Hugest Sigh of Relief Ever when Mr. Mover Guy fixed it
  • Having yummy dinner delivered by our nearest Mormon neighbors
  • Garry feeling defeated when he can't figure out an electrical problem downstairs
  • Aunt Heidi painting all hours of the night
  • All of us feeling ecstatic that the boys' bedroom, the family room, and the office are all completely painted (and look fabulous)
  • Playing "Don't Eat Pete" for FHE until all the jelly beans were gone
  • Making our bed and putting clothes in the dresser
  • Watching "The Office" before bed like we have nothing better to do
That's our day in a nutshell. How was yours?
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