Apr 1, 2009

No foolin'

This afternoon I was bored so I decided to take a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital. I figured I could take care of my pre-registration paperwork at the same time. Not a terrible way to spend a freezing, blustery afternoon, right?

I determined it takes ten minutes to get from my garage to the labor and delivery check-in desk. Excellent. I found the second floor elevators easily. Also good. Once in the maternity wing, I talked to a lovely nurse named Melinda. She determined that I was not, in fact, experiencing premature labor. Definitely a plus.

Did I mention I took my tour as a patient?

Turns out the twinges, cramps, and contractions I've been experiencing with greater frequency this week are affecting my cervix, which has already dilated two centimeters. With eight weeks to go, this is a bit worrisome. All of my lab work came back clean/normal, so Melinda (via my doctor) sent me home with a shot of terbutylene and a one-time-dose of a wide-spectrum antibiotic. I have been relegated to a "light duty" existence. It's not bed rest, per se, but two specific things I can't do are lift Gavin and clean the house. Hm.

And so we set out on an interesting chapter of our lives, wherein my primary function is to keep the baby in. I guess my painting and curtain projects will have to wait. And dang it, scouring the shower is out, too. I know I'll have to cheat on the lifting thing because I refuse to teach Gavin how to climb in and out of his crib. If there's one thing our household cannot miss, it is Gavin's nap!

I realize this post constitutes a violation of my fervent promise to offer something besides picture-less pregnancy news on this blog. I'll do better...from my perch on the couch tomorrow.
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