Apr 4, 2009

The hired help

Upon learning of my "light duty" prescription, several people have suggested I hire a housekeeper. Wouldn't that be fabulous? As it turns out, I have three able-bodied cleaners residing in this house, and today I put them to work.

Because I am me, I made a list of household chores and put initials by each task. Bit by bit, the jobs got done, albeit with a lot of supervision for little boys. Sitting on a chair, couch or tub side while offering instructions wasn't as relaxing as watching a paid professional whisk around the house, but it was far cheaper and certainly more character-building....right?

The boys were remarkably willing and had pretty good attitudes. It was interesting to see their personalities shine through as they worked. Tyler was meticulous, thorough, and painfully slow. Zachary zipped through everything, which required do-overs later. Garry took his chores in stride, since he did things only he could do (and his list is much longer).

Tyler's jobs: empty the dishwasher, dust and polish Mom and Dad's bedroom furniture, make Mom and Dad's bed, help organize Gavin's toys upstairs and down, and clean three toilets.

Zachary's jobs: vacuum entire house and stairs, move and sweep under upstairs couch (it sits on hardwood), clean out microwave, wipe outside of kitchen appliances, empty dishwasher (we ran it twice today), and wipe down mirrors, counters, and sinks in three bathrooms.

Garry's jobs: grocery shopping, little boy hair cuts, sweep and mop floor, and three bathtubs.

Gavin's jobs: take a fabulous nap, accompany Dad to Albertsons, and be crazy.

My jobs (not pictured): sit around barking orders and keep the baby in.

So, at the end of the day, the house is a lot cleaner and my soul is more peaceful. Sitting around staring at the filth for the last few days was definitely interfering with my inner zen. I know I'll have to be satisfied with ignoring things like dirty windows and carpet and unpainted walls and unsewn curtains for a while, but as long as the floors are swept and the toilets are clean, I think I can handle it.
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