Apr 8, 2009

Scenes from {part of} my day

The days are blurring together with their couchy monotony, but since my world has become so small, it's easy to document.

Nothing says "Welcome to your Wednesday" like messes at every turn. Light duty or not, I took care of these ones. Couldn't stand it a minute longer. And then Gavin napped and I rested.

My visiting teachers came over this morning. It was lovely to converse with real live adult humans. (While internet and phone communications have their perks, nothing beats the real thing.) Their children played with Tyler in the sunshiny backyard. And then they swept and mopped my wood-covered upper floor, which is no small task for two able-bodied people. I am so grateful.

At 11:20 I visited my obstetrician. I anxiously anticipated the visit. Was the last week of cutting WAY back on activity helpful? Answer: Yes. Hooray! No progress towards delivery, at least not yet. I'm still having contractions, particularly when I'm active, and sometimes I have semi-painful ones when I'm just lying around. So the prescription for light duty still stands, but I don't have to take medicine and I don't have to go on full bed rest. Yippee! I am enormously relieved.

The best part of the visit was getting an ultrasound peek at the baby, who is definitely a girl (I asked the doctor to verify for me, since I've been having dreams that we're actually having a boy). Everything about her looks great. Nice and healthy, in the right position, and inside of my body, hopefully for a few more weeks.

The boys didn't accompany me to my appointment as they usually do; instead they were whisked away by another wonderful friend, who fed them lunch and took them to an Easter egg hunt at the park. I picked up Gavin on my way home and Tyler stayed to eat and play.

Zachary has running club practice today, which will keep him busy until 4:00. That means I get an extra hour of peace at home and he gets to burn off after-school energy. Excellent. With all of these good vibes, maybe the evening scene will be calmer than usual. We could use that around here!
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