Apr 12, 2009

Easter at our house

Aside from the spring storm that dumped several inches of snow in our city today,
the Bartle family had a lovely Easter weekend.

Egg coloring was enjoyed by all.

Easter baskets were discovered, plastic eggs hunted,
and candy snarfed in copious quantities.

Biblical and Book of Mormon scriptures were read to refocus the holiday's true meaning. Obligatory photos of adorable children in festive clothing were taken with surprising ease and happiness.

Easter choir hymns were sung and musical numbers accompanied by Mom at church. Unruly boys were wrangled by Dad. A delicious dinner was prepared by Dad and consumed by all. Families were called and rests were taken.
The baby was put to bed early.

Most of all, the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior, were remembered, celebrated, and appreciated.

How was Easter at your house?
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