Apr 28, 2009

Track star

Zachary joined a running club at his new school earlier this month. The kids only practice once a week but Zach loves it! Last night was the team's first race against other elementary school Land Sharks teams in the area. I stayed home with the younger boys because it was freezing outside and I felt icky, but I'm sad that I missed Zachary's running debut.

Zach ran the 400 meter distance (1/4 mile) with a big group of first graders (about 40, both girls and boys). He was ecstatic to win second place! Garry said that Zach was in the outside lane and didn't cut over quickly enough in the final stretch to beat the first-place finisher, but strategies like that will come with experience. Zach was excited to share his "Champion" ribbon with his class today since he is the Star of the Week. He's definitely a star in our family!

Waiting for the race to begin.

A short video of the beginning of the race. What a strong stride!

Getting guidance on where to finish.

In the finisher's chute.

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